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a man sitting at a table with wine glasses


Bar Manager

Hometown: Greenhithe, Auckland 

Go to karaoke song: Dream On by Aerosmith

How do you like you coffee: IV drip

Favourite trivia category: Science/Sci-fi 

Favourite ice cream flavour: Maple and Walnut

What cocktail best describes you? Naked and Famous

 How did you become interested in making cocktails?

We used to do in house cocktail comps at my first venue, and I loved the creativity and competition. Plus I learnt a lot from a lot of the teams I have worked with and that has inspired me to learn more.

What do you do on your days off?

RuneScape, DnD and Anime. I also just got an acoustic guitar for my birthday that I am enjoying playing, I was in a band at school so it's great to be playing again.