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a woman sitting at a table


Restaurant Manager

Hometown: Gävle, Sweden

Nickname: Swede

How do you like you coffee? Trim flat white with cardamom 

Favourite ice cream flavour? Belgian chocolate 

A la carte or tasting menu? A la carte

Cheese plate or dessert? Cheese

What was your first job in hospitality? A Kitchen Porter in a mountain restaurant in Bad Gastein, Austria - I'm proud to say I lasted the season!. It was a great chance to see what one of the toughest kitchen jobs is like and made it valuable experience to reflect on when I am hiring for entry level positions. The job was made a little sweeter as iI was handed a  beer while peeling potatoes!

What is your favourite dish at Onslow? Our Salmon Trolley, I love carving it at the table and introducing the dish. It is a very Scandinavian dish and makes me nostalgic for home.