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Executive Chef

Hometown: Gissy (Gisborne)

First concert: Smashing Pumpkins in Wellington and managed to get into Chicago bar afterwards being only 14 I thought that it was a pretty good effort!

What do you do to relax? Exercise is my form or relaxation! You'll find me either boxing or swimming on my day off. I also love jumping on my Ducati for a ride.

Favourite ice cream flavour: I'm old school you can't beat a Trumpet!

How did you become interested in the culinary world? 

I guess it was watching my grandmother bake and helping her that first got me interested in food , after cook school and into the work force it was my first head chef that encouraged me to get out to see the world,  still best mates with him to this day. 

What ingredient can’t you live without

Bacon - I mean who doesn't like bacon!

What would you want as your last meal? 

Suckling pig on a spit over an open fire with all the trimmings  and a box of beers !!