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When our guests dine with us they expect the best and with that in mind we make it our mission to hire the best. We believe that taking care of our staff will ensure that our guests are also well cared for and receive an exceptional dining experience which goes beyond a culinary experience. 

It all starts with a sense of camaraderie and working together. We have a vibrant and diverse team of people who love what they do and take pride in their work. We encourage our team to bring their personality and style to our restaurant, it is what sets us apart from others. We have created a culture that encourages collaboration, creativity and authenticity.

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Our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

They are the day to day principles which underpin all our actions. Our values define how we conduct ourselves, how we empower and support each other and most importantly drive our commitment to delivering the best hospitality experience we possibly can, for our guests.


We are passionate about quality and show commitment to excellent work, adding a touch of sophistication to everything we do.


We make our guests’ experience extraordinary by anticipating their every need and always going above and beyond. We are generous with our time, knowledge and kindness.

Continuous Improvement

This is how we get better. We are inquisitive, ask questions, explore creative ideas and continually seek ways to learn and improve.

Attention to detail

We focus on the meticulous detail and display a strong work ethic while empowering each other to take ownership of our actions.


We do things differently...

We invest in our people and believe the only way we can succeed is by supporting the people in our business to inspire them to make it happen.

Dream of owning your own successful business?

We are always on the lookout for people who want to be future business partners, we seek out those who are driven and ambitious.  When you work with us we teach and reveal the methods we apply to running our business. Working with us will be a great learning process in your career path.

Outlined below about the processes that make working for us more than just another hospo job:

Open Book Management (OBM)

We operate our business with an open book approach, we create transparency and share our critical number with everyone who works with us. This method breaks down barriers and encourages participation in decision making. 

Our weekly 'huddle' is the meeting we run the business from and everyone is invited to attend. 

We teach you the rules of how the finances work and show our teams how they can impact our financial success. Our staff are treated like trusted partners and when we hit our goals bonuses are paid out.

Profit Share - Performance Incentive Program (PIP)

Every team member has access to the critical numbers and during our weekly meeting the team set weekly revenue goals and when we hit them all staff receive a pay-out. Our managers are set separate monthly targets and are paid an additional bonus when these are met.

All team members can stay on track with the company's performance by reviewing the numbers real time in Loaded so everyone knows what we need to do each day to be on budget. Through team work and great communication this is a target we consistently hit.

Professional Development

Developing our people is at the forefront of Onslow and we invest in supporting our staff to  help identify ways to allow them to advance their career with us. Through training we look to unlock our the full potential of our team and continue the success and growth of Onslow. As well as on the job training we will invest in external courses and we encourage our staff to come to us with ideas of how they want to develop.

We would love to hear from you....

If you think this sounds like a place you would like to work then go right ahead and submit an application as we would love to hear from you! Please use the form below to apply. 

As we are always on the look out for talent, feel free to send in your resume even if you don't see the exact position you're looking for currently advertised.

We look forward to getting to know you during the interview process.

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