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Duty Manager

How do you like your coffee? Oat Flat White
What do you do to relax on your days off? Going to the beach with my book for some sunshine and a swim.
What ingredient/condiment could you not live without? Cheese - Most things are better if you put cheese on it.
What is your go to meal at home? Spaghetti Bolognaise as it’s easy, tasty, and I can make big batches in one go to freeze and have as a quick meal at a later date.
What got you into hospitality? I wanted a part time job as a way to make some of my own money when I was 16 at school, and a small Italian near me, that had just opened up, was hiring. Out of the job options I had, it was the easiest one to get. I then found that I really enjoyed it so kept doing it part time, before going full time when I left uni and moved to Aus.
Favourite dish at Onslow? The Crudo - I love the flavours of the sherry vinegar dressing.